Since 1956, Lott Industries has provided meaningful educational and vocational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

On July 1, 2017, Lott (a non-profit 501(c)(3) for 60 years) returned to private-run status with a renewed focus on the person-centered goals of those we serve. As a transformational change, we will operate as “Lott.” We will not only provide excellent business services, but we’re expanding all our services to align with our vision to serve disadvantaged people in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. Lott serves business customers locally and throughout the USA.

We're excited about YOUR needs. As a job seeker with a barrier to employment or a developmental disability, we seek to serve you to Enhance Your Life through our vocational training and employment opportunities. As a business, we seek to Transform Your Business to greater success by partnering with Lott. Together, we can Enrich our Communities.

Contact us today to learn more and give us an opportunity to serve you.

Business Services
Habilitation Services
Transportation Services

Serving NW Ohio, SE Michigan and national customers since 1956

For 60 years, Lott has provided meaningful educational and vocational opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Lott’s privatization expands our reach with a belief that everyone should have opportunities to pursue their dreams. Our goal is to make dreams become reality.

We are passionate about serving people with any barrier and we seek to provide purposeful work to everyone in our reach. Working together with local companies, organizations, and community partners, we truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Throughout the years, Lott has served customers of all sizes with their outsourced production demands, as a purposeful provider serving our employees through business partner opportunities.

Consider the Business Case for Partnering with Lott!
Consistent quality workforce at competitive pricing.
  • Work with Lott, and you'll have a value-added extension of your workforce with Lott's consistent quality personnel; with the lowest turnover rate in the industry.
Cost-effective, time-saving quality work, inspection and rework services.
  • Partner with Lott and you'll reduce operating costs and internal expenses; avoid downtime; improve quality; prevent capital expansions; and reduce turnover and the headaches of using temp agencies.
Lott Serves YOU! Help Us Serve and Habilitate Disadvantaged Workers:
  • Resolve your space/personnel capacity constraints seamlessly!
  • Reduce/alleviate costly overhead so you can expand/focus on your core competencies!
  • Outsource your bottlenecks and prevent expanding or enlarging facilities!
  • Outsource non-core operations; instead, relocate non-core work centers to Lott!
  • Free up higher-skilled resources for higher utilization and increased profits today!
  • Tour Lott to experience happy, productive workers in our clean, climate-controlled plant.
What can Lott do for you?
• Production, Packaging, & New Product Production• Secure Document Shredding
• Assembly, Subassembly, Cellular• Grounds Keeping
• Rework, Recycle, Reclamation• Highway Safety Products
• Kitting, Labeling• Hydro-Stripping Signs
• Sorting, Inspection• Janitorial Work

Enhancing Lives

Lott’s goal is to passionately serve people and help them reach their highest attainable goals and reach independence. We believe that every person has immeasurable worth. Through person-centered planning, we provide one-on-one services, identify personal goals, and seek to help everyone achieve their dreams and desired outcomes.

Day Habilitation

Lott’s Day Services are designed to teach day-to-day life fundamentals. Through learning opportunities in classes, activities, and other enrichment inclusion opportunities, Lott offers creative diverse ways for individuals to achieve their own goals. Our day services include vocational habilitation, supported group employment, and community integration. What sets Lott’s Day Services apart from other programs is the wide variety of daily activities focused on each person-centered, individualized interest.

Vocational Habilitation

Lott’s Vocational Habilitation provide invaluable training experiences to people with disabilities and employment barriers to assist in achieving their individualized short and long-term career paths. Lott offers a wide variety of work and training opportunities with our business partnerships and the contracted work our business customers provide. Lott serves many industries to offer work solutions for our employees to learn work-ready skills. Lott provides training to teach people vocational skills and an opportunity to earn income through completion of production work while receiving simultaneous vocation training. Lott’s goal is for everyone to learn about community employment and to have the opportunity to achieve their desired outcomes in the most integrated setting possible. The types of vocational training work available at Lott includes the following:

• Production, Packaging, New Product Production• Secure Document Shredding Work
• Assembly, Subassembly, Cellular• Grounds Keeping Work
• Rework, Recycle, Reclamation• Make Highway Safety Products
• Kitting, Labeling• Run Hydro-stripping Machine
• Sorting, Inspection• Janitorial Work
Let LOTT Serve You to ENRICH your Life and Enhance Your Community

Please contact Lott Habilitation Services Department to learn more about the following services:

• Community Integration• Job Placement/Development
• Day Habiliation• Transportation (non-medical)
• Homemaker & Personal Care• Vocational Habilitation

Our customers become our family.

Who we are
  • Lott Transportation, LLC is a state-certified provider of non-medical transportation. Our goal is to assist individuals with their transportation needs and overcome transportation barriers.
  • We provide safe and dependable specialized transportation to adult day programs, vocational programs and private work sites.
  • We are focused on providing an exemplary transportation experience for our customers.
We offer:
  • Door-to-door service with assistance as needed
  • Regular routes for established customers
  • Courteous, dependable, and safe drivers
  • Safe, well-maintained vehicles
Customer service is our #1 focus.
  • Our passengers deserve safe, reliable transportation. Lott Transportation’s professional, courteous drivers are CPR/FA certified and maintain Department of Transportation standards for safety.
  • Our vans provide seasonal comfort and ample seating, with up-to-date features including back-up cameras.
  • Using a wheelchair? Our vehicles are equipped to transport wheelchair passengers with ease. Four point tie-downs with shoulder harnesses provide additional safety and security.


3350 Hill Avenue,
Toledo, Ohio 43607

General: (419) 381-5200

Business Services: (844) 822-1026
Habilitation Services: (419) 381-5203
Transportation Services: (419) 381-5303
Development: (419) 381-5228